P. Tsogzol


Pureviin TSOGZOL /Born in 1934/


1950-1955 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1956-1961 Federal Institute of Cinematography, Moscow

Working Experience:

Since 1994 cinematographer painter, Mongolian Film Studio
Since 1994 Freelance artist


1978 Solo exhibition, Central Palace of Cinema, Moscow
1994 Solo exhibition, Ulaanbaatar
1988 Solo exhibition, Dornod, Mongolia
1998 Solo exhibition, Bonn, Germany
2000 Solo exhibition for anniversary of 65th Cinema,Ulaanbaatar
2002 Solo exhibition, Germany
2004 Solo exhibition Tsatsal, Art gallery of UMA


1975 UMA Prize
1981 "Honoured labour" medal
1982 Leading worker of UMA
1985 "Pole star" state award
1991 Honoured art worker