Ch. Ichinnorov


Choijingiin ICHINNOROV /Born in 1942/


1966 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1970-1976 Repin Academy of Fine Art, St Petersburg

Work Experience:

1966-1967 Artist at the UMA
1967-1968 Artist and head, UMA branch, Huvsgul province
1968-1970 Artist at the UMA branch, Darkhan
1976-1978 Art director, UMA branch, Ulaanbaatar
1978-1981 Freelance artist at the UMA
1981-1986 Head, UMA branch, Ulaanbaatar
1986-1989 Principal, College of Fine Arts
1989-1998 Teacher, Head of the Classical Art department, Institute of Fine Arts
1998-2003 Rector, Institute of Fine Arts
Since 2003 Freelance artist


Since 1968 Work shown in UMA exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad, including
Russia, Bulgaria, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Korea and Germany
1992 Work shown in "Oron Zai" art association exhibitions
1996 One-man show, Niigata, Japan
2003 Group exhibition, Mongolian Art Exhibition, London, UK
2004 Group exhibition "Mongolia and Tamna", Sympathetic exhibition of continent and
Island, Culture and Art center, Jeju, Korea


1986 Leading Worker Medal, UMA Prize
1970 Second prize, exhibition of Mongolian artists
1977 First prize, exhibition of Mongolian artists
1992 "Pole Star" State award
1994 "Leading Cultural Worker," Ministry of Culture
1999 UMA Prize
1999 "Silver Belt" prize, "Oron Zai" art association