G. Dunburee

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Gaadangiin DUNBUREE /Born in 1941/


1965 State Pedagogical Institute, Ulaanbaatar
Work Experience:
1989-1993 Director, Choijin Lama Monastery Museum, Ulaanbaatar


Since 1965 Work shown in UMA exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad including Japan, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, UK, France
1975,1979 Joint exhibition, St Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
1985 Joint exhibition of Mongolian-Russian artists, Ulaanbaatar
1986 Joint exhibition of Russian-Mongolian artists, Moscow, Elista;Ulaanbaatar
1990 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar
1994 "Ikh khuree" one-man show dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar
1994 "Style" exhibition, US Embassy, Ulaanbaatar
1995 One-man show, Moscow, Russia
1995 Exhibitions in Seoul, Tokyo
1999 Joint exhibition of Mongolian-Korean artists, Seoul, Korea; Ulaanbaatar
1999 Mongolian exhibition, Orleans, France
2000 Mongolian exhibition, Beijing, China
2000 Mongolian exhibition, Japan
2003 "The Best Artworks", Art gallery of the UMA
2003 "Mongolian Highlights", Vartai gallery, Lithuania
2004 Group exhibition "Mongolia and Tamna", Sympathetic exhibition of continent and island, Culture and Art center, Jeju, Korea
2004 "The Best Artworks", Art gallery of the UMA
2005 "Mongolian Sacred Majestic Mountains" joint exhibition,
Art gallery of the UMA


1994 UMA prize
1994 "Khangard" prize named after Ulaanbaatar city
1995 "Leading Cultural Worker"