Ts. Dorjpalam


Tserenjaviin DORJPALAM /born in 1923/


1945-1952 Surikov Academy of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia

Work Experience:

1953 Artist, Mongol Film Studio
1954 Artist, Academic Drama Theatre
1960 Artist, Mongolian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble
1962-1984 Artist, Academic Drama Theatre


since 1953 Work shown in UMA exhibitions
1961 One-man show, Bulgaria
1961 One-man show, Albania
1974 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar
2003 Group exhibition Ts.Dorjpalam and artists of the Drama theatre, Art gallery of the UMA

Worked on set and stage design for many Mongolian films and plays


1964 "Honoured Art Worker" State award

Artist works