P. Baldandorj



1953 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1972 Institute of Industrial Arts, Czechoslovakia

Work Experience:

1943 Assistant artist, Art Institute, Ulaanbaatar
1945-1953 Artist, Art Institute, Ulaanbaatar
1973-1979 Lecturer, College of Fine Art
1973 Committee member, international competition of realist paintings, Bulgaria
1980-1988 Art director, Handicraft atelier, UMA


Since 1944 Work shown in UMA exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad, including Bulgaria, Germany, Laos, China, Vietnam, Korea
1968 First exhibition of young Mongolian artists, Ulaanbaatar
1978 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet
1998 One-man show, Tschech
2002 One-man show, Tschech

1960 Gold medal, competition, Leipzig, Germany
1966 "Honoured Labour" medal, State award

Artist works